Make Money Doing Graphic Design Online

More and more often, I am seeing individuals taking up “graphic design” as a hobby. They love tinkering around with Photoshop and trying to create graphical magic. The question I get so often is this: how do you make money doing graphic design online? That’s a great question and there are few ways to get some freelance graphic design jobs online.

What most people don’t realize is that nowadays, you’ve got to be excellent to land a job with an Ad Agency or Creative Firm as a graphic designer. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t some jobs still out there for everyone else trying to make an extra buck. Finding freelance graphic design jobs can be difficult, but there are a easy ways out there that make it simple for you to make money doing graphic design online.

Make Money as a Freelance Graphic Designer Online

Visit is a great website to make an extra cash as a graphic designer. Brands post their graphic design needs on this website and designers can go and enter the contest for the design. If they are the winner of the design contest, they can make money doing what they love.

Plug Into the Power of Elance

Elance is another great way to make money online doing what you love. There are many different opportunities from Sales to Marketing to Business Consulting and of course, you can make money doing graphic design on Elance.  Companies post their jobs and you create your expert profile and Elance will help you find great clients for your freelance gigs.

Need a logo? Try crowdSPRING!

crowdSPRING ( is another great site for all sorts of creatives. If you are a writer or a graphic designer or web programmer, you can use crowdSPRING as another crowd-sourced site to put your work online. These projects are often very high-paying and have many entries to each contest.


Good Luck Making Money Online

Between these two sites, if you are a freelancer looking to work from home wondering how to make money doing graphic design online, I think and Elance will be great places for you to get some side projects!



*please note the links used in this post are affiliate links.

  • Alex

    Great points, Ryan.  One of our partners created a contest on for a new logo.  They were really pleased with the work.