• Cracking the Millennial Code – On Managing Millennials

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    In Ryan Vet’s newest book,¬†Cracking the Millennial Code, he share how to motivate and manage millennials. So often managers complain about the Millennial generation. However, there are countless myths about the generation’s work ethic and behaviors in the workplaces. As a result of the many misnomers, Ryan Vet sets out to decode millennials. Understanding strategies for managing Millennials stems from understanding their background. This book is unique. It provides a cursory overview of history. Each chapter building on the last to provide clear ideas for managing millennials.

    To sum it up, if you are looking for book on managing Millennials, this is it. This book is easy to read. Likewise it is a fun and insightful read.

    Contrary to common stereotypes, not every millennial requires a trophy. Motivating millennials takes many different forms. In this book, Ryan Vet takes the reader on a journey through history. To best understand the millennial generation, you must first understand what has made the generation the way they are.

    Cracking the Millennial Code will be available on November 11, 2019. It can be purchased via all major book retailers. The book will be in eBook, Audiobook, Paperback and Hardcover. Meanwhile, you can pre-order the eBook on Amazon.