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Cracking the Millennial Code

Why Your Business Will Fail if You Fail to Embrace the Millennial Generation

The largest generational cohort of all time to descend upon the USA is the Millennial generation. Often accused of extreme laziness, utterly entitled and living at home until age 35, the Millennials are so often misunderstood. Reality check: Millennials are your rising patient population, the talent pool for your team and who knows, the next POTUS.

In this conversation, we will explore the truths and lies about Millennials and how you can set your dental practice up for ultimate success despite the mysteries surrounding Millennials. This course is a blast for people from all generations—Millennials included.

Learning Objectives:

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    Learn how to message to the Millennial generation to increase case acceptance and promote overall oral health

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    Gain practical insights into creating a practice that successfully connects with Millennials in promoting ideal oral hygiene

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    Manage and market to your feature team and patients


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