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Dentistry Uncorked

An Immersive Journey to the Intersection of Hospitality, Precision and Guest Experience

Those in the dental profession and sommeliers (wine professionals) are rather similar. A rigorous level of training with a keen attention to detail allows only the best of the best to earn the designation. Daily, there is a high level of precision that is needed to properly execute both jobs and most importantly is a high level of service for all guests and patients. In this course, attendees will have the continuing education experience of a lifetime. They will learn the ins and outs of case acceptance strategies, patient messaging, and customer experience in the dental practice.

Ryan Vet, a trained sommelier and dental practice management expert, will conduct a wine tasting with attendees and use the world of wine to frame this once in a lifetime continuing education course. Not only will attendees walk away equipped to grow their practices and increase case acceptance, they will also walk away with a greater knowledge of wine and will have tasted some yummy wines.

Learning objectives:

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    Learn how to better message treatment plans to patients to increase necessary case acceptance

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    Feel comfortable with patient messaging in difficult or uncomfortable circumstances

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    Be equipped with tools to provide extraordinary patient care through high levels of service


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