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Million Dollar Lemonade Stand

Lessons Learned from Stirring Lemonade to Running a $100 million company

Whether running a lemonade stand or a multi-national start-up, there are some lessons and principles that are unchanging and unwavering. In this talk, successful founder, start-up executive and entrepreneur, Ryan Vet, shares his journey riddled with successes and failures. Regardless of your position, the stage or size of your company, there are some truths that remain constant.

In this talk, Ryan shares the raw truths of what it means to run a million dollar lemonade stand. No, you won't learn about how to make a million bucks by pouring lemonade, however, you will learn the key principles that transverse all businesses and all industries that will help you be successful.

Learning Objectives

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    Learn key business principles to reach your maximum potential

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    Understand fundamentals of leadership and growth

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    Gain insights into starting and scaling your business


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