ryan-vet-speaks-to-audience-leadershipSocial Media Marketing Keynote Speaking

After working with major international social media accounts such as Bing, Samsung and Warner Brothers, Ryan Vet brings a wealth of knowledge and experience as he presents how to fully utilize social media in both traditional and internet-based marketing. This talk is filled with real-life experiences, both failures and successes as well as a simple strategy that has been the driving force behind some of the world’s most successful social media marketing campaigns.


Inspirational Leadership Keynote Speaking

Leadership is an ongoing journey that at times can be filled with breathtaking sights and at times be barricaded with obstacles. This keynote is designed to motivate young leaders to enjoy the journey of leadership as well as be willing to grow and be stretched and challenged. Leadership is not a journey to be traveled alone, it is a pathway full of interacting with other people on your journey. This talk addresses how to fully utilize your relationships to make you the best leader that you can be. Young leaders should feel inspired and equipped to face the challenges of leadership as an opportunity to learn.

A good leader impacts those around him or her. A great leader influences people they have never met by leaving a lasting legacy that trickles-down over the span of time. This talk deals with living the life of a leader and having integrity that will ultimately allow a leader to leave a lasting impression on this world.

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